#238: Jude Charles on the Power of Video Storytelling

We work in a copycat economy.

So it’s gotten harder and harder to differentiate yourself in the market.

It seems like everyone can claim that they’re a great writer. They do excellent work. They deliver on time. They know the market.

But there’s still one thing no one can copy.

And that’s you.

Your personality, life experiences, personal brand … and your stories.

Stories of how you got to where you are today. How you’ve worked with clients. Why you do what you do. What you believe in or stand for.

In today’s podcast episode, my guest is Jude Charles. Jude is a talented filmmaker who’s produced documentaries for Google, Steve Harvey and Coldwell Banker, to name a few.

Jude and I talk about the power of video storytelling, and how you can harness this medium to tell YOUR story.

Give this one a listen, because I’m confident you’re going to walk away with some great ideas you can use to distinguish yourself in today’s competitive marketplace.

The notes that follow are a very basic, unedited summary of the show. There’s a lot more detail in the audio version. You can listen to the show using the audio player below. Or you can subscribe in iTunes to get this show delivered straight to the Podcasts app on your smart phone, tablet or iPod.

Tell us about yourself and your business 

Jude is a brand strategist and filmmaker. He helps entrepreneurs tell their story by crafting documentaries and documentary series.

As a kid, Jude spent his time writing stories about his future life. As a teenager, he learned how to turn those stories into videos.

In 2006, a high school teacher gave him his own business cards, which got him started on the road to entrepreneurship.

In 2010, he produced a documentary series for Keyshia Dior, and she made $1 million in 12 months. At that point, he realized that what he was doing was valuable.

You recently produced a docuseries for copywriter Stefan Georgi. Tell us how that project came about 

In eight years, Stefan Georgi went from being a door to door sales (and making $40K a year) to becoming a renowned direct response copywriter, grossing over $700M for himself and his clients.

Jude met Stefan at a mastermind group. Stefan was transitioning from copywriting to teaching copywriters and marketers. They decided to work together to tell Stefan’s story.

Jude’s process starts with a road mapping strategy where they map out 1) dramatic clarity 2) dramatic demonstration and 3) dramatic leverage.

Why did Stefan choose to do this as a documentary series?

Stefan wanted more scale and depth than he could get with the written word. A documentary series would bring his story to life and bring more emotion than words alone.

You can see part one of the series here: https://youtu.be/OOxRoI93Ba8

With this video, viewers learn who Stefan is and what he stands for. They come to know, like and trust him.

Would our target audience actually want to watch a video about us?

A documentary doesn’t have to be long. It can be as short as three minutes.

Even short documentaries are a great way to stand out, especially in a competitive market.

People need to know who you are so you can have a deeper connection. And having a deeper connection helps you do the work.

Lots of people can do what you do. But no one else has the same story as you.

What about copywriters and marketers who believe that the focus should be on the prospect and not them?

Telling people about yourself isn’t bragging, it’s connecting.

Sharing your stories opens the door to people to find out more about you. It moves the conversation beyond “What kind of content do you need?”

We like to think that our work speaks for itself. But it doesn’t. People pay you not just for the work you do but also for who you are and your expertise.

If you want to do average work for average clients for average fees, then you don’t need to connect as much.

But if you want to work with the best clients, you need to form partnerships. And to attract partner-minded clients — and earn their trust — you need to forge personal connections.

For example, Jude created a documentary series around business coach Darnyelle Jervey Harmon where she shares her journey through motherhood. Her journey was hard, but she pushed through.

Entrepreneurship is also hard. You have to have faith.

When you see how resilient Darnyelle is through her journey to motherhood, you know that she has what it takes to support her clients through their journey to success.

If someone wants to document their own story, what questions should they ask themselves?

  • How did you get to where you are today?
  • What do you stand for — and what do you stand against?
  • What stories bring your core values to life?
  • How can you share your story?

You can start writing — and documenting — your stories today.

Where can listeners learn more about you? 

Sign up for Jude’s email list: ?JudeCharles.co/list



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