Client Results


I work with ambitious writers to help them earn more in less time … doing work they love … for better clients. And I have a solid track record of helping writers and copywriters achieve these tangible results.

That’s the real reward for me: when coaching clients tell me how our work together has helped them launch or grow their writing business — and how that result is enabling them to enjoy a richer life.

That’s how I measure my success as a business coach.

The writers on this page have been kind enough to share their stories. Feel free to poke around. Maybe there’s a story here that resonates with you. Or maybe you’ll come across a challenge that’s similar to yours. You might even walk away with an idea you hadn’t considered before.

And if you’d like to chat about how I may be able to help you … email me at [email protected] and put the word COACHING in the subject line. I’ll reply to you with the details.

Launching a Freelance Business

Chris Haviland

Chris loved her job teaching part-time at a community college. She also did some writing and editing on the side to supplement her teaching income. But when her sideline projects dried up, she worried she would have to drop teaching altogether and get a regular full-time job. Instead, she signed up for coaching with Ed. Upon completion, she was able to generate the additional income stream she needed to continue her passion for teaching.

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Jack Bohannan

Jack never really enjoyed working for other people. He also wanted the flexibility to travel and take the occasional long weekend off. So he decided to leave his job in the renewable energy sector and launch a freelance writing business. But he wasn’t looking forward to having to start at the bottom and pay his dues all over again. Instead, he leveraged Ed’s coaching to move to the front of the line as a new freelance writer. Twelve months later, he billed a five-figure month.

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Gladys Roller

In the course of her career, Gladys has worked in academia as a faculty member, marketing director, chief operations officer and in other high-level positions. With her combination of education and experience, she was confident in her ability to write. But she wasn’t so sure about her ability to land clients. Using the structure and support of one of Ed’s coaching programs, Gladys started to reach out to prospective clients with confidence. By week six of the program, she had landed two new clients.

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Marisa Cheatum

Marisa’s schedule was leaving her exhausted. She was working full-time at her day job while trying to build a freelance business in the evening. When her new baby arrived, she knew she had to make a change—so she decided to hire Ed as her business coach. After working with Ed, she landed a few paying clients and then a full-time freelance writing contract. With her new schedule, she now has the flexibility to shut down work at 5:00 p.m. and spend time with her family.

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Rafiq Batcha

Before leaving his full-time marketing job, Rafiq had lined up a few short-term writing contracts. But once those projects were complete, he struggled to land new ones. He realized that his “shotgun” approach of landing clients wasn’t working, and he needed a coach for direction and encouragement. After working with Ed, he now has as much freelance writing business as he can handle—and the scheduling flexibility he always wanted.

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Liz Farr

Liz had built a successful career as a CPA, but she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life working with numbers. She thought freelance copywriting would be a good alternative. Yet even with all her business skills, she struggled to land new clients. By going through one of Ed’s coaching programs, she learned how to talk to prospective clients with confidence and demand good fees for her services—which fast tracked her transition from accountant to freelance writer.

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Growing an Existing Freelance Business

Becky Lawlor

Becky was confident in her writing skills and had built a successful freelance writing business as a result. But she wondered if she could do better — especially on the “business” side of her writing practice. She decided to enroll in Ed Gandia’s Elevate program. With support from Ed and other writers in the group, Becky tightened her target market and learned how to better negotiate pricing with clients. As a result, her income grew from $75,000 to $140,000 in one year.

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Karen Hittelman

Karen had been running a successful freelance writing business for years, but she lacked systems and processes to balance her client work with marketing and prospecting. As a result, her income fluctuated month to month, and her business felt a bit out of control. With the personalized guidance she received through Ed’s coaching program, Karen was able to put in place the systems and processes she needed. This led her to double — and then triple — her income and take firm control of her business and future.

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Tess Wittler

By 2014, Tess’ business had mostly recovered from the housing market crash. But then she and her husband decided to move across the country so that her husband could attend school and lay the groundwork for a second career. To make it all work, Tess would need to resolve longstanding issues of cash flow and inconsistent project work. Tess turned to Ed’s coaching for help — and within seven months she’d moved from low paying work to premium clients.

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Dana Barka

Dana grew the income from her freelance writing business to six-figures by pouring more and more of her time into it. But with a second baby on the way, that method of growth was no longer sustainable. She enrolled in Ed Gandia’s Elevate coaching program to find a way to maintain her income while reducing her hoursTen months later, her entire business is transformed. Not only is she earning higher fees, but she still has time for her family.  

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Robyn Kurdek

Robyn studied journalism in college and then worked in the finance industry as a marketer and writer for 20 years. She wanted to start freelance writing on the side with the option of moving to full-time freelance work. She was able to land a few clients on her own, but things didn’t progress much from there. She worked with Ed to land more, better clients and gained the confidence to let go of clients that weren’t a good fit.

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Ted Goldwyn

Ted already had a few clients when he enrolled in one of Ed’s coaching programs, but he struggled to take his business to the next level. The program gave Ted the game plan he needed to focus his efforts and market his business consistently. As a result, he started to land better-paying clients—even before completing the program! Within two months of finishing, he had landed a total of six new clients—along with a lucrative 15-month retainer agreement that would account for 50 percent of his income that year.

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Joseph Cole

Although he was already working a full-time job, Joseph wasn’t making enough to pay off his student debts and get ahead financially. So he decided to pursue freelance writing as a second income stream. He landed a few clients, but his business never really took off. When he signed up for Ed’s coaching, Joseph got the feedback and clarity he needed to break through this income ceiling. Within days of taking deliberate action on prospecting recommendations, he landed a dream client.

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