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I work with ambitious writers to help them earn more in less time … doing work they love … for better clients. And I have a solid track record of helping writers and copywriters achieve these tangible results.

That’s the real reward for me: when coaching clients tell me how our work together has helped them launch or grow their writing business — and how that result is enabling them to enjoy a richer life.

That’s how I measure my success as a business coach.

The writers on this page have been kind enough to share their stories. Feel free to poke around. Maybe there’s a story here that resonates with you. Or maybe you’ll come across a challenge that’s similar to yours. You might even walk away with an idea you hadn’t considered before.

And if you’d like to chat about how I may be able to help you … email me at [email protected] and put the word COACHING in the subject line. I’ll reply to you with the details.

Laura MacPherson Cuts Her Work Hours in Half While Raising Her Income 49%

Laura MacPherson, a successful content marketing entrepreneur, was overwhelmed by work, leading to stress and a decline in personal life. Working with Ed gave her the strategies and confidence to raise her rates, attract higher-paying clients and adjust her work mindset. In just nine months, Laura reduced her work hours from 60 to 40 per week while maintaining her income. With Ed's guidance, she improved business efficiency, outsourced tasks and developed new service offerings. Now working 30 hours a week, Laura enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and quality time with loved ones. Her income increased by 49%, and she feels confident and calm in client interactions. Ed's coaching proved transformative, helping Laura thrive both professionally and personally.

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Cris Johnson Increases His Income by $50K in One Year

When Covid-19 hit and schools closed, Cris was forced to put his work as a professional magician on hold. He had to pivot quickly, and so he decided to put to work all the marketing and copywriting skills he’d acquired in promoting his own business. Cris landed enough marketing agency work to get by, but he was left exhausted and uninspired. When Cris learned about Ed Gandia’s Elevate program, he overcame his initial skepticism and enrolled. By the end of the first year of working with Ed, Cris had added $50K to his copywriting income and started closing 100% of the proposals he pitched.

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Aimee Cichocki Doubles Her Internal Hourly Rate, Enabling Her to Earn the Same Income in Half the Time

Aimee knew she would benefit from a business coach. But she was so overwhelmed with client demands, she didn’t even have time to look for one. She spent her evenings and weekends getting caught up on client work. So when a colleague had great things to say about Ed Gandia’s Boardroom program, she decided—almost on impulse—to sign up. One year after enrolling, Aimee had doubled her internal hourly rate, enabling her to earn the same income in half the time. Just as importantly, she has renewed confidence in the value of her own work and is able set and maintain boundaries that protect her personal time.

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Sylvie Tremblay Triples Her Income Within 4 Months of Joining the Boardroom Coaching Program

A few years ago, freelance writer Sylvie Tremblay was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that drastically limited the time she could spend working on client projects or growing her business. Then the pandemic hit, creating even more disruption and uncertainty. That’s when Sylvie got an invitation to explore Ed Gandia’s Boardroom coaching program. She joined the program and worked one-on-one with Ed to uncover and highlight her best value proposition, boost her confidence and land much bigger opportunities. Within four months, Sylvie’s income had tripled. And she’s on track to triple that income again by the end of the year.

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Eva Hatzenbihler More Than Doubles Her Income While Creating More Focused Time
for Her Family

After three years in business, Eva recognized that she had great potential for boosting her income without having to sacrifice family time. She enrolled in one of Ed’s coaching programs and worked hard to implement all the recommended strategies. Her income doubled within one year. Three years later, Eva was at another pivotal point in her business. She once again engaged Ed, who helped her narrow her focus, raise her fees and land a select group of higher-caliber clients. This enabled her to maintain her six-figure income level while enjoying better work boundaries and freeing up more time for her family.
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Jessica Coleman Increases Her Revenue 50% TWICE in Two Years

Jessica Coleman had been a freelance copywriter for seven years. Her business was established. She had good clients. And most of her work was referral-based. But her income was stagnant and unpredictable. She joined Ed’s Elevate coaching program and got to work quickly to generate greater focus, build a compelling website, launch an effective marketing effort and shift to a retainer-based pricing model. As a result, Jessica’s revenue increased by 50% in just one year. She’s continued working with Ed, joining his Boardroom program, where she’s now on track to grow her revenue by an additional 50% within the next few months.

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Email Marketing Strategist Increases Revenue by 200-300% in 18 Months

Robbie Fitzwater was originally skeptical about working with Ed. After all, Robbie is an email marketing strategist, not a writer or copywriter. But after a brief conversation, he quickly realized that Ed’s business-building coaching was precisely what he needed. Robbie worked with Ed in two different programs. The first engagement was all about building a solid foundation and getting his consulting business on firm footing. The second was focused on scaling his business quickly and profitably. Since then, Robbie estimates he’s at least doubled, and possibly tripled, his revenue—a feat he originally thought would take 10 years to achieve.

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Becky Lawlor Doubles Her Income after Completing the Elevate Program

Becky was confident in her writing skills and had built a successful freelance writing business as a result. But she wondered if she could do better — especially on the “business” side of her writing practice. She decided to enroll in Ed Gandia’s Elevate program. With support from Ed and other writers in the group, Becky tightened her target market and learned how to better negotiate pricing with clients. As a result, her income grew from $75,000 to $140,000 in one year.

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Dana Barka

Dana Barka Nearly Doubles Her Near-Six-Figure Freelance Income Within Months After Going Through The Elevate Coaching Program

Dana grew the income from her freelance writing business to six-figures by pouring more and more of her time into it. But with a second baby on the way, that method of growth was no longer sustainable. She enrolled in Ed Gandia’s Elevate coaching program to find a way to maintain her income while reducing her hoursTen months later, her entire business is transformed. Not only is she earning higher fees, but she still has time for her family.  

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B2B Technology Writer Doubles, and Then Triples, Her Income

Karen had been running a successful freelance writing business for years, but she lacked systems and processes to balance her client work with marketing and prospecting. As a result, her income fluctuated month to month, and her business felt a bit out of control. With the personalized guidance she received through Ed’s coaching program, Karen was able to put in place the systems and processes she needed. This led her to double — and then triple — her income and take firm control of her business and future.

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How Tess Wittler Went From
Low-Paying Work to Premium
Clients in 7 Months

By 2014, Tess’ business had mostly recovered from the housing market crash. But then she and her husband decided to move across the country so that her husband could attend school and lay the groundwork for a second career. To make it all work, Tess would need to resolve longstanding issues of cash flow and inconsistent project work. Tess turned to Ed’s coaching for help — and within seven months she’d moved from low paying work to premium clients.

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Joseph Cole Breaks Through
Income Ceiling Within Weeks of

Although he was already working a full-time job, Joseph wasn’t making enough to pay off his student debts and get ahead financially. So he decided to pursue freelance writing as a second income stream. He landed a few clients, but his business never really took off. When he signed up for Ed’s coaching, Joseph got the feedback and clarity he needed to break through this income ceiling. Within days of taking deliberate action on prospecting recommendations, he landed a dream client.

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Robyn Kurdek Lands Two
Retainer Clients by Following
Ed's Roadmap

Robyn studied journalism in college and then worked in the finance industry as a marketer and writer for 20 years. She wanted to start freelance writing on the side with the option of moving to full-time freelance work. She was able to land a few clients on her own, but things didn’t progress much from there. She worked with Ed to land more, better clients and gained the confidence to let go of clients that weren’t a good fit.

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Ted Goldwyn Land 6 New Clients and a Lucrative, 15-Month Retainer Agreement with a Major Company

Ted already had a few clients when he enrolled in one of Ed’s coaching programs, but he struggled to take his business to the next level. The program gave Ted the game plan he needed to focus his efforts and market his business consistently. As a result, he started to land better-paying clients—even before completing the program! Within two months of finishing, he had landed a total of six new clients—along with a lucrative 15-month retainer agreement that would account for 50 percent of his income that year.

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