How much do you charge?

Ever have a prospect ask you, “How much do you charge?”

It’s a question many of us dread.

Because unless you’re offering productized services, it’s not a question you can answer immediately. You have to learn more about the project and prospective client before you can give a fixed-fee quote.

The question can also signal that the prospect is “tire-kicking” and surveying the market in search of the lowest price. And none of us want to get pulled into a race to the bottom.

But sometimes, the prospect asks the question because they want to make sure they can afford you before delving into the specifics of the project.

In these situations, you can respond by quoting a range: “My fee for a white paper varies. But most fall within the XY to XYZ range.”

If the prospect seems okay with that range, you can suggest a phone call:

“Hi Bob, my project fees depend on a number of factors, including the type and scope of the project. Would you like to set up a short call to discuss? Once I learn more about your project, I’ll be able to give you a more exact price.”

If the prospect resists getting on the phone with you, you’ll know that they’re price shopping or they can’t afford you. Either way, it’s not a good fit.

So when a prospective client asks, “how much do you charge?” don’t feel pressured to answer immediately or give them an exact number.

Instead, give them a price range based on what they’re looking for to make sure you’re on the same page.

If they’re okay with that, you can schedule a call to discuss it further.

If they’re not, then you know they’re not the right client for you at this time.



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