Should You Take That Tempting Job Offer?

When you’ve been working as a freelance professional long enough, you’ll have to face occasional job offers.

They might come from a client.

Or they might come from somewhere else.

Whatever the source, it’s not uncommon to spend days wondering what you should do.

Before you make any decision, I encourage you to pause, take a breath, and go through the following exercises:

  1. Revisit Your Big WHY

Whenever you receive a job offer, you should always go back to your Big Why.

Why are you doing what you do today?

Why did you go into freelance in the first place? What were your goals and motivations?

And then ask yourself if this new opportunity takes you closer to your Big Why — or farther away.

  1. Consult With “Future You”

All of us have a “Today You” and a “Future You.

Today You is who you are today.

Future You is you months or years from now.

Today You is selfish. He/she is happy to punt problems and hard question down the road for Future You to deal with.

All Today You really wants to do is take care of you today.

Today You likes the dopamine rush of new possibilities. So the idea of making a big change (by accepting that job offer) is exciting.

Future You, however, will have to deal with the consequences of that decision.

We see this kind of dynamic whenever we have to work at something over the long term to achieve it, such as good health and financial stability.

It’s always easier to go with what Today You wants (yummy chocolate cake!) than consider the needs and feelings of Future You (why don’t my pants fit?).

So as you decide whether to accept that job offer or not, don’t let Today You be the sole decision maker. Consider what Future You wants as well.

Look ahead six months, one year, and three years. What does Future You have to say?

Have an imaginary conversation with yourself — and make sure everyone’s onboard.

Think Carefully Before You Make a Big Change

When you receive a tempting job offer, it’s not always easy to decide what to do.

But go back to your Big WHY and have a conversation with your future self.

And then see if the answer becomes clear.



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