Four Key Ingredients for Growing Your Writing Business Profitably

You need four ingredients to successfully grow your copywriting or writing business:

  1. Solid fundamentals and principles
  2. Proven strategies
  3. Useful tools and tactics
  4. Consistent execution

All four are important. But most people put too much stock in number three: tools and tactics.

Why are we biased towards tools and tactics? Because we all want the magic trick, hack, gimmick or “black box” that will miraculously get us what we need. But in reality, there is no such thing.

Sure, some tools and tactics are useful. But they’ll only make a real difference to your business when you have the right strategy behind them (ingredient #2).

Plus, you need to understand the fundamentals and principles behind that strategy (ingredient #1).

Just as importantly, you need the discipline to execute on your tactic or use your tool consistently (ingredient #4).

You need to build habits and routines to ensure you deploy your tactics properly. Because very few things in business will yield a miracle after just one try.

Let’s look at an example. Say you find a cool piece of software that will help you prospect on LinkedIn at scale. Before you jump in, you need to consider the fundamentals behind it, such as:

  • How does it work? What elements matter the most (and why)?
  • How will you apply it?
  • How does it fit with your overall marketing strategy?
  • When will you deploy it? How often will you use it?
  • Which days/times will you dedicate to getting it done? Will you commit to that?

In short, fundamentals and principles aren’t enough. Strategies aren’t enough. Tactics and tools alone won’t cut it, and neither will hard work and discipline.

You need all four of these elements, working in concert, to propel your business forward.

So if you’re trying to grow your business, don’t get obsessed with the latest tools and tactics.

Because unfortunately, there’s no magic pill that will solve all your problems.



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