#233: Want to Convince Your Prospects? You Must Convince Yourself First!

Some writers hesitate to reach out to prospects and clients and offer to help with writing projects — especially in today’s environment.

These writers fear they will come across as greedy, insensitive, or out of touch.

If you boil it down, this fear reveals a lot about how you perceive the value of your services.

Because if you truly saw the value in your services, you wouldn’t hesitate to offer them, even in the time of Covid-19.

Why? Because in offering those services, you are raising your hand and saying, “I’m here to help you if you need me.”

But if you can’t sell yourself on the idea that you make the lives and businesses of your clients better, you won’t be able to sell them on the idea either.

In this podcast episode, I walk you through an exercise that can help you recognize your value so you can approach prospects and clients with greater confidence.

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I’ve spent the majority of my life in sales.

As a kid, I ran a candy store out of my garage. I sold snow cones and popcorn to neighborhood kids. I sold greeting cards and other items as part of my school’s fundraising campaigns.

Before I graduated college, I sold computers in a retail store.

And before that, I sold water and air filters.

As a sales professional, I sold fire hydrants, sewer pipes, professional IT services and software.

Through all that time, here’s what I learned: you HAVE to believe in what you’re selling if you’re going to do well.

Take an Inventory

The same rule applies to writers and marketers. You have to believe in what you’re selling too.

And I can almost guarantee that you offer more value to clients than you give yourself credit for.

You offer more value to clients than you give yourself credit for.

You just don’t realize it because you’re so close to it.

And so, you discount your work as “nothing.”

How do you break out of that belief cycle.

Here is one simple way: Take some time and do a quick inventory of all the clients you’ve worked with over the years. Think about what you did for them and how you helped.

Think back to all the accolades you have received. All the praise. The testimonials. The clients that have brought you into new projects again and again.

And while you’re at it, take a couple of minutes to think about how far you’ve come in your business. See how high you’ve climbed.

Enjoy that moment. Let it sink in. Rejoice in the fact that at one point, you never thought you’d be where you are today.

Believe in what you are doing. Recognize the value you deliver.

Sell yourself first.

Only then, can you confidently approach prospects and clients and stand a chance of earning their business.



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