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The Pros and Cons of Agency Work

Is agency work good or bad? Freelance writers are divided on the topic. Some argue that having direct clients is better than taking on agency work. Others say the opposite. In actuality, both statements can be true. …
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#181: Following Up with Prospects — a Different Way to Think About the Process

Following up with prospects is the activity writers dread the most — topped only by prospecting.  It feels odd and unnatural. We worry that we’re bothering people or being disrespectful.   And then we start crafting crazy stories in our head.   We imagine that the prospect is mad at us or shocked at our fees. “They think we’re a fraud!” “They never want to speak …
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Can You Have More Than One Target Market?

Often, freelance writers will struggle to settle on a target market. This is especially true if they’re just starting out. So sometimes, they’ll decide to target two markets. And these two markets might have little in common. Maybe …
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