#208: How to Get Prospects Off the Fence

We’ve all had the experience of sending out a proposal… and then radio silence.

Or you get something noncommittal.

“We’re not sure yet,” they say. Or “We’ll get back to you.”

How can you get prospects off the fence in this kind of situation?

Unfortunately, you can’t get every prospect to make a decision in a timely manner. It’s just part of doing business.

However, you can give prospects an incentive to make decisions about your proposal faster.

In this short podcast episode, I reveal an easy way to get more prospects to say “yes” to your proposals in a timely manner — and how to follow up when they don’t.

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In the past, I always resisted putting a deadline or expiry date on my project proposals because the practice seemed contrived to me.

A deadline might make sense if the cost of your service could be impacted by a rise in the price of components (or something similar), but obviously that’s not the case here.

But then it hit me: Fixing a deadline to a proposal isn’t about your internal costs. It’s about your availability.

Fixing a deadline to a proposal isn’t about your internal costs. It’s about your availability.

After all, your schedule is constantly changing. And getting something into your schedule is like trying to hit a moving target.

When you put a deadline on a proposal, you’re guaranteeing your availability to the prospect.

If they sign the contract and pay the deposit before the deadline, then you’re available to get started.

If not, your availability is no longer guaranteed.

Generally, I recommend a two-week deadline. You want to give prospects enough time to discuss your proposal internally. But you don’t want to drag out the process.

By assigning a deadline to your proposal, you’re giving prospects an additional push to make a decision.

And it might just be enough to get them off the fence.

As an added bonus, it also provides you with a clear framework for following up. The deadline gives you have an excellent reason to get in touch and see where things are at.


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