Your Three Most Important Tasks

I have a little ritual I do every Monday morning that helps me reach more of my goals.

Here’s what that looks like…

I start the day by reviewing my goals for the next 90 days.

From there, I brainstorm a list of tasks that will help me get closer to those goals. Most of those tasks become my goals for the week. They’re task-based (or “effort”) goals.

Next, I use that list to select the tasks that I’m going to focus on THAT day. And I do the same thing first thing Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning and so on.

Once I have those goal-based tasks on paper, I add additional tasks I need to complete that day.

Then I take things one step further: I highlight the three tasks that I MUST complete that day. I call these my most important tasks (or MITs for short). They’re tasks that are essential to making progress in my business and personal life.

They’re not necessarily urgent. But they’re always important. They’re things I commit to completing that day, no matter what.

In other words, these are tasks that, once completed, will ensure that I have a productive and fulfilling day… even if I don’t complete anything else on my list.

Ever since I started placing this kind of emphasis on my MITs, my productivity has gone to a new level.

More important, I’ve started making much more progress toward my goals. Because I’m not letting all the “fires” rule my day.

By having three clear MITs every day, I keep my eye on the prize and make progress on what matters most.

Of course, this means I don’t always complete every item on my daily to-do list. In fact, I rarely do!

But even so, I end each day knowing that I tackled what’s most important. And if I complete any other tasks … that’s gravy!

Give this method a try tomorrow morning — but be gentle with yourself. It can take a few days to figure out which three MITs you should focus on.

But once you do, you’ll start seeing real, positive changes in your business and personal life.



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