EP285: Ready vs. NYR Prospects

The vast majority of salespeople are only interested in pursuing “ready now” leads.

These are leads who are ready to buy now or in the next few weeks.

These leads have identified their need, done the research, and allocated the budget. They’re ready to pull the trigger.

As salespeople, it made sense to focus on these prospects. After all, salespeople have quotas to meet and only so many hours in the day to do it—so they need to focus on the best possible prospects.

But I’ve discovered not all the money is with “ready now” leads. Sometimes, the BIG money is with not-yet-ready (NYR) prospects.

In today’s podcast episode, I talk about the value of not-yet-ready prospects and why they’re an important—yet often overlooked—part of any successful marketing program.

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The Value of Not-Yet-Ready (NYR) Prospects

“NYR” prospects are prospects who’re well qualified in every way except one: timing.

They’re not in a position to buy now or in the near term.

Yet, when I learned to stay in touch with NYR prospects in an easy and sustainable way, I found that about 30% of them came back to buy once the timing was right for them.

Best of all, most of them bought pretty quickly once they were ready to re-engage.

Most Prospects Aren’t Ready to Buy “Right Now”

My entire coaching business is built on NYR prospects because only a very small percentage of new prospects are ready to immediately hire me to be their coach. Instead, most of my coaching clients spend months (even years!) on my mailing list, consuming my content, and applying my ideas and advice. Only then are they ready to hire me.

Frankly, I prefer it that way. It’s often better when we get the chance to know each other first. That way, we can be more certain we’re a good fit.

You Need Both

This isn’t to say you should ONLY market to NYR prospects.

In fact, you need both: marketing that asks prospects if they’re ready for help now and marketing that captures as many prospects as possible, even they’re not yet ready.




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