#281 When You’re Stuck at the Bottom

Business is down.

And at first, you’re not worried.

But then it keeps getting worse.

Before you know it, you’re down to almost no work.

And you’re not even sure why it happened.

Everything had been going great for months—even years. But then things went sideways.

Maybe it started when one of your clients left unexpectedly.

Then another went into limbo when your main contact left the company.

And then another client decided to put your projects on hold.

Meanwhile, your best prospects are ghosting you.

At some point, you’ll inevitably start to question everything and draw some ugly conclusions.

“Nothing’s working!” you tell yourself. “It’s like I’m cursed.”

In today’s podcast episode, I discuss what you should (and shouldn’t) do when your business hits bottom.

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Watch What You Tell Yourself

Recently, a coaching client had his last 12 prospect opportunities either ghost him, decide to work with someone else, or decide not to move forward with the work.

We’re talking 12 very qualified prospects with well-defined projects and budgets.

I mean … what do you say to that, right?

Yet it’s during these challenging and desperate moments that we have to be most careful about what we tell ourselves.

Because when you tell yourself that you’re doomed, you only create more anxiety and desperation.

Instead, this is the time to disengage for a bit. Get out of your environment. Clear your head. And give the problem up to the Universe to solve.

You’ve done your part. And yes, there will be more to do.

I’m not suggesting that your efforts stop here.

But when you’re stuck at the absolute bottom, solving the problem is above your pay grade.

Take it off your shoulders. Give it to a higher power. Go do something fun and trust that the solutions and the results will come.

Because they always do.



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