#268: Master the Fundamentals

Every profession, hobby, sport or other worthwhile endeavor has its own set of fundamentals.

Fundamentals we must master if we want to excel in that area.

But fundamentals are often boring and difficult.

So when we’re starting out—or trying to reach a new level of mastery—we look for shortcuts.

Shortcuts that can get us the results we want without practice or effort.

Because we want quick and instant results!

In today’s short podcast episode, I’ll explain why you can’t escape the fundamentals—and where you should put your efforts instead.

And I’ll use an astonishing example from the sporting world to illustrate.

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The human tendency to look for shortcuts is most obvious in recreational sports—particularly golf.

Recreational players convince themselves that a better set of golf clubs is going to improve their game.

And maybe it will, a little bit.

But, still, they can’t overcome their shortcomings in the fundamentals.

A recent example from the amateur golf circuit drives this point home.

A 60-year-old US Army veteran won the Golfweek Amateur Tour in Arizona. He shot an 84.

And he did it all using a $2.99 Wilson staff putter he bought at a local Goodwill store.

That’s right. He only used one club—a $3 putter!

What’s the lesson here for us?

You don’t need an expensive CRM, $8,000 website, fancy degree or roster of Fortune 500 clients to earn a great living and grow your business.

You just need to focus on a few fundamentals, such as positioning, messaging, prospecting, client attraction, pricing, follow-up, productivity, focus, and mindset.

Most likely, you already know what you need to do.

You just need to do it.

So focus on getting better in these areas, one baby step at a time.

Develop the right habits. Build consistency. Course correct when need. Get help along the way.

Focus on THAT, and you’ll win your own internal championships.

No fancy equipment needed.



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