#262: How to Set the Right Client Expectations from the Very Start

You start working with a client. And almost immediately, you realize it’s a mistake.

The client starts asking for things that are way out of scope. Or they’re setting timelines that are wildly unreasonable.

Ugh! Ever been there?

So what went wrong? How did things go downhill so fast?

Most likely, you didn’t set expectations and boundaries at the get-go. And that set the relationship up for failure.

In today’s podcast episode, I detail three important ways to set expectations and boundaries with your new clients.

If you don’t already have these pieces in place, you increase the risk of projects going bad from day one.

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There are three important ways to set expectations and boundaries with your new clients from day one:

  1. On your website. Explain how you work. Describe your process and approach.
  2. In your agreement. Explain what’s covered and what’s not. Lay out next steps and how the project will roll out.
  3. During an onboarding call. Spend a few minutes explaining how you’ll work together, your responsibilities, and the client’s responsibilities. Outline how you’ll communicate, your working hours, and other information that will help set and maintain boundaries.

Most clients are reasonable people. But they’re also human. And humans are imperfect.

So don’t leave it up to the client to set the tone.

If you want to have a long, happy and profitable relationship, you need to take the lead.



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