#240: Flying Closer to the Sun

You might be surprised to hear this, but I’ve always been somewhat shy.

And I was often afraid to try things for fear of failing.

Looking back, it’s funny how these childhood fears and insecurities stayed with me as I became an adult.

In today’s short podcast episode, I share my story to demonstrate that you can overcome a fear of failure by taking smart, calculated risks.

And while you may feel like you’re flying too close the sun when you take those risks… you actually have more room than you think.

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I’m very thankful for my sales career.

It forced me to take calculated risks every day. Talking to people terrified me because they would probably say no. But I had to do it for my job.

At one point, that fear turned into depression. I’m not sure how mild or severe it was, but it was very debilitating.

What helped me get out of that funk was a set of audio tapes from the late motivational speaker Jim Rohn (a mentor of Tony Robbins and many others).

With the help of those tapes, I started leaning into my fears.

Eventually, I landed an order with a huge company.

It’s hard for me to explain how much courage and persistence it took for me to land that order.

Just thinking about it brings back feelings of fear and inner resistance!

But I did it. And that win fueled my confidence so I could approach other prospects I had been avoiding.

My results improved dramatically.

And I was put a fast-track path to management.

What does all this have to do with your writing business?

Fear is getting in your way right now. I know it is.

It happens to all of us, every day.

But the more risks you take, the less risky it feels to take the next risk.

The more risks you take, the less risky it feels to take the next risk.

That’s why I’m such a big proponent of taking smart, calculated risks. Not because of the financial rewards but because of the person you become when you push out of your comfort zone.

Of course, if you push too far, you could fall prey to hubris and foolish pride.

So you have to be careful. You want to keep inching your way up that curve of personal growth… without flying too close to the sun.

Then again, most of us don’t fly anywhere close.

You’ve got more room than you think.



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