#024: Professional Liability Insurance: Do Freelance Writers Really Need It?

Do you have professional liability insurance? Do you even need it?

I mean … do freelance writers really get sued?

While most freelance writers won’t get sued during the course of their careers (thank goodness!), it does happen.  And the results can be devastating to you and your business.

In this episode of The High-Income Business Writing Podcast, I interview Jared Kaplan, CFO at insureon, a national online insurance company for freelancers and other self-employed professionals.

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To help you get to the bottom of this important (but sometimes overwhelming) topic, I invite you to download my FREE freelance writer’s cheat sheet for professional liability insurance.

This cheat sheet pulls together, in brief, the most essential information from the show, including what liability insurance is, what it covers and how much it costs.

And, just as importantly, it delivers tips to reduce the odds of getting sued in the first place.

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