#193: How Chris Orzechowski Generated a Tidal Wave of Client Leads with a Short and Simple Book

One of the best ways to attract great prospects to your business is by offering a “freemium” or lead magnet.

And one of the most powerful types of lead magnets you can create is a short and simple book that provides great value to your target audience.

The idea is to leverage your knowledge, experience, processes and internal frameworks you use to do great work … and put some of that insight into a book.

That’s precisely what this week’s guest did.

Chris Orzechowski is a sought-after email copywriter and email marketing strategist who works with ecommerce companies and big-name online entrepreneurs.

Not too long ago, he decided to write a short and simple book detailing how he wrote powerful email copy and designed results-generating email campaigns for his clients.

The results of this effort blew him away. Before he had even completed the book, prospective clients were asking where they could buy a copy. They were also asking to hire him.

In this interview you’ll learn why Chris decided to go with a book instead of a simpler lead magnet. He explains the process he used to find the best topic and title and how he got the book done quickly. He also describes how he’s promoted the book…and the massive results he’s enjoyed so far.

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Tell us about yourself

For the past six years, Chris has been an email marketer and strategist. He has a lot of ecommerce clients and also does some work for thought leaders in his industry.

Chris started out as a school teacher but quickly discovered it wasn’t for him. He had a mentor who was selling ebooks and courses, and he wanted to learn how to do it.

While still holding down his teaching job, he taught himself on evenings and weekends. He would wake up at 5am to take client calls and would make calls from his car during his school lunch break.

He did this for about four years — until he could match his teaching job salary.

You recently wrote a book about email marketing. Tell us about that — specifically, what motivated you to write the book, what you were hoping to get out of it, and how you picked the topic.

Chris believes the more assets you have out in the world, the more leverage you have. Putting his ideas in a book would give them more credibility and up his status in the market place. It would also help prospects understand how he works.

Once the book was complete, he could use it as a lead magnet.

If he gave away 20,000 copies over the next five years (for example), he’d never have to worry about getting clients again.

The book is Make It Rain: The Secret to Generating Massive Paydays from Email Lists.

Writing the book forced him to sit down and figure out what made his email campaigns so successful. He had to document his process and make it concrete.

The book would appeal to people who are already running successful email campaigns (and want to do better) and people who are struggling.

Were you concerned about revealing the “secrets” of your success?

But before he wrote the book, Chris had done a lot of free training on the topic of email marketing. He gave attendees everything they would need to know to do it themselves. Still, every time, two to three people would want to hire him to do the work for them.

Some people will try to do it on their own and that’s okay. Maybe they’ll respond to some of his future offers.

In order to generate the right kinds of leads, you’ve got to be willing to let go of the worry that people are going to “steal” what you’re offering. If they do, so be it.

If you hold onto all your expertise and refuse to share it, you won’t get the results you want.

For many writers, the thought of spending months writing their own book seems daunting. How were you able to commit yourself to this initiative … and stick to it?

The biggest hurdle was deciding how to frame the topic. The writing itself wasn’t hard. Figuring out how to lay out the content and what to call it was hard.

Chris used Dean Jackson’s 90 Minute Books to help with the process.

Remember, the book doesn’t have to be your magnum opus. Sure, it has to be good. But it’s done its job if even one person asks for it. It doesn’t have to read like something you’d submit to a major publisher. That’s not the purpose of this kind of book.

You were able to use this book to promote your business before you even started writing it. Tell us what you did.

In the start, Chris conducted a lot of organic social media activity to gage interest and get feedback.

He tested out topic ideas. He then developed the title and subtitle and tested those as well.

Once the book was almost done, he tested the images and got a flood of comments. Some people started offering him work.

The book was generating leads and clients even before was published!

Today, Chris continues to spend $1000 to $1500 on Facebook ads and Amazon for the book. It continues to generate traffic and leads.

He’s not making money on the book. But that’s not the objective. The objective is to get it into as many people’s hands as possible.

He gives the book away for free on his website. You can also buy a print version or digital version on Amazon. He has print copies that he gives away for promotions and at events.

The book is only 58 pages. It doesn’t have to be long to deliver value to readers.

Your book doesn’t have to be long to deliver value to readers.

What results have you gotten to date?

Chris has gotten both tangible and intangible benefits from the book.

Tangibles: More contracts, longer retainers, other financial benefits.

Intangibles: Getting invited to summits, more podcast interviews, affiliate relationships, etc.

His income has skyrocketed since he published it. It’s had a multiplier effect on his business. He has to turn away gigs every week because he doesn’t have the bandwidth for them all.

Where can people learn more about you?

Website for Chris’ book

Chris’ website

The book on Amazon

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