Push Yourself to a (Better) New Normal

If you want to grow your copywriting or content marketing business, you can do it in one of two ways.

You can take the Nike approach and just do it. You could, for example, go after higher-level clients all at once. Or raise your fees significantly overnight. Or upgrade your standards substantially and plow right through your fears.

Usually, people take this all-in approach when they have no other choice. For whatever reason, they’re in a tight spot, and so they’re willing to put themselves out there like never before.

Sometimes this approach works! It’s amazing what people can accomplish when they feel they have no other choice. They dig deep and rise to the occasion.

But there’s another way you can grow your business that isn’t as dramatic or anxiety-provoking. Yet it’s just as effective. Maybe even more so.

This second approach is all about making incremental improvements to your business. You take things one step at a time, and, as you take each step, that new “level” becomes your new normal. Once you’re comfortable again, you push yourself to take the next little step.

You keep doing this . . . month after month, quarter after quarter, until you’ve got your business where you want it.

For instance, say you charge $2,000 for a package of services. That’s your comfort zone, and you can’t imagine charging anything more.

But what if you took a chance and quoted $2,500 to the next prospect—something beyond what you’ve ever quoted before?

If your existing clients are already paying $2,000 for that package, there’s a good chance your next prospect will be willing to pay $500 more (yes, you’d be surprised how often this works!). And before you know it, $2,500 is your new normal.

Once that happens, it’s time to stretch again. You can try quoting the next prospect $2,700 or even $3,000!

Here’s the point: You don’t need to take crazy, massive leaps to be extremely successful in this business. You can take things in small, reasonable steps and still come out ahead.

That’s the reliable, sensible approach. And it’s the route most highly successful copywriters and content marketers follow to get where they want to be.



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