Should You Throttle Back or Step Up Your Marketing?

Should you overdo your marketing and just deal with the overflow if it happens? Or should you throttle back, so you come in below your capacity?

Most writers play it safe and throttle back. But usually, that’s the wrong move.

You see, most of us underestimate what it will take to reach our income goals. So, when we play it safe, we undershoot and come up short. Which creates stress and anxiety that leads us to make poor decisions.

We end up taking on the wrong clients or saying yes to suboptimal fees and projects. Which creates even more stress and anxiety!

But when we overdo our marketing efforts, we have options. We can price our work higher because we don’t have to take it all.

We can be bolder. And our confidence comes across in conversations with prospects and clients.

We can afford to experiment and try new things … which leads to better results and even more confidence.

And if we’re still over capacity, we can see if the prospect will wait a few weeks until our schedule opens up again.

Or we can scale up with a subcontractor writer.

Or we can refer prospects to colleagues with whom we have a reciprocal agreement.

I like having options. And if I have to choose between the stress of falling short or the stress of having too much, I’d choose the latter any day.



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