7 Ways You Should Be Marketing With LinkedIn

LinkedIn has proven to be a valuable tool for many freelance writers. It’s a great way to marketing yourself and finds quality prospects.

Most freelance writers recognize its value. But even so, many of them only leverage one or two aspects of LinkedIn and overlook everything else it can do for them.

In this article, I list seven ways you can use LinkedIn to market yourself and find new clients.

It won’t be comprehensive (there are plenty more ideas), but it will help you make sure you’re not missing out on some critical elements that could help you starting today.

1. Update your profile

Your profile is perhaps THE most important part of LinkedIn. Make sure it explains what you do, whom you serve,?what makes you different and why that difference matters.

You don’t have to create your profile from scratch. If you already have a bio on your website that you like, you can repurpose it here.

2. Optimize your headline

Your headline (or title) is an important part of LinkedIn search.

When people search LinkedIn for a writer, LinkedIn will look at your headline to see if you’re a match.

So don’t get cute. Use descriptive words in your headline that your prospects might use to find you. So instead of terms such as “wordsmith and storyteller” or “marketing ninja” (who’s going to search for those?) go with something more practical.

For example, if you write for the wastewater industry, try “copywriter for the wastewater industry” or “marketing strategist and writer for the wastewater industry.”

3. Research prospects

LinkedIn is a fantastic research tool. It’s often the first place you should go to find prospect names.

So if you’ve identified a company that you want to target — but you aren’t sure whom to target inside that organization, LinkedIn can help.

In fact, you can tailor your searches by location, industry, keywords and titles to find the companies and contacts you want to target.

4. Join Groups

Figure out what LinkedIn Groups your prospects belong to and then join those groups as well. When you belong to the same group, LinkedIn gives you permission to private message those people.

Unfortunately, LinkedIn Groups aren’t as active as they used to be. But still, the ability to connect to fellow group members makes joining these groups worth your while.

5. Like and comment on posts

When your prospects put articles or posts on LinkedIn, read, like and comment on them. Express a genuine interest in what they’re doing, and they will often respond.

This is a great way to make inroads into your target market. It’s based on a clever strategy pioneered by Steve Maurer. Learn more about it in podcast episode 131.

6. View profiles of your prospects

When you look at profiles of your prospects, LinkedIn will often report this activity to those individuals you “stalked.” 😉

In return, they may end up looking at your profile out of curiosity. And they may even contact you to ask about your services. Again, it’s a good way to start building relationships.

7. Reach to prospects

Once you find a good prospect on LinkedIn, you can then reach to them via LinkedIn with a connection request. Once you’re connected, you can send them a message.

I’m still a big fan of warm email prospecting, and normally I would go with a warm email over a LinkedIn message. At least for the first attempt.

However, sometimes a combination of these approaches can work extremely well (i.e. commenting and liking posts, followed by a warm email, followed by a LinkedIn connection request).

Use the Full Power of LinkedIn

Most of my coaching clients get only middling results with most social media platforms.

LinkedIn is the exception.

If you’re not already using it actively, it’s time to get started. And if you are using it, make sure you’re leveraging it fully.

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