#066: Pam Grout on Why Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

It’s hard NOT to be somewhat spiritual when you’re self-employed.

That’s because so much of what we do as a freelancers is based on faith — faith that things will work out … that another good client will come along … that you’re doing the right thing by raising your fees…

In fact, I’ve learned to understand that thoughts DO become things. (Of course, you also have to take steady and deliberate action. That’s the part many people conveniently forget about. 😉

But is this there science behind this idea? Can we really manifest a new client on command? Can we turn things around by “creating” them in our minds first and asking for them?

The answer is “Yes!”

And in this episode, international bestselling author Pam Grout (E-Squared and E-Cubed) explains why that’s the case … and how you can prove it to yourself.

Whether you’re skeptical about these ideas or you’re fully convinced that you can manifest what you want, I think you’ll get a lot out of this interview.

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Tell us about your writing career

Pam has worked as a freelance writer for over 25 years. She’s written 17 books as well as articles and posts for many magazines and websites, including Travel + Leisure, Huffington Post, Men’s Journal, CNN and People magazine.

You embarked on a spiritual journey early in your career. What led you down that path?

Freelance writing is a spiritual journey. You’re taking risks. You’re putting yourself out there.

As a freelancer, Pam has always believed that the Universe is her CEO. She realized early on she couldn’t do it on her own.

As a writer, you know how it feels when you plug into something—it’s almost like you’re channeling what you’re writing. There’s something bigger going on.

The harder we try to do it all by ourselves, the more messed up we get. We need to get out of the way and let the higher intelligence take the floor.

Pam believes there’s a force that has your best interest at heart and will guide and help you if you let it.

What about those who say we have to try harder to succeed?

“You have to work harder” is the dominant paradigm. But the truth is that the Source wants to bless us. When we try harder, we often end up blocking this force. Most of what we’re taught and believe is upside down.

No one tells us to follow our joy. But our joy is the Universe guiding us.

What about skeptics who say you can’t prove this with science?

Science does back this up. Quantum physics all about this.

Pam doesn’t want people to take anything on faith. In her books, she gives people experiments they can try in their own life to test these ideas.

Let’s talk about E-Squared and E-Cubed. What’s the premise of each book?

There is a Force that wants to bless us and guide us. Our consciousness affects the world.

In her books, Pam presents nine experiments to try in your personal life. It’s a way to get people to test these ideas and see if there’s something out there that wants to bless them.

Could you walk us through two or three of these experiments?

1. The dude abides experiment. Tell the Force that it has 48 hours to make its presence know. Ask for a sign or a blessing. Keep an open mind and observe. See if anything different comes into your awareness.

2. The Volkswagen Jetta experiment. Pick an image of something simple, like yellow butterflies or a purple feather. Look for this item over the next 48 hours. See if you start to see this item.

3. The Einstein wand experiment. Make an Einstein wand out of a coat hanger and straws. Hold it in front of you. Think of something that frightens you and see how the wand reacts. Think of something positive and see the wand move again.

Tell us about your latest book, E-Cubed

E-Cubed contains what Pam calls the nine corollaries: these are nine philosophies and experiments that build on her previous book. She discusses the “boogie woogie” corollary, which notes that joy is our natural state. She also has a section called “tweak and ye shall find,” which fine-tunes some of these ideas.

Are your ideas compatible Mike Dooley’s ideas in Notes from the Universe?

Their ideas are totally compatible. Both Pam and Mike talk about setting the intention and getting out of the way. Just set it and forget it.

As a freelancer, it’s not uncommon to hit rough patches. What would you say to someone going through a tough time?

Fear can block the Universe from coming to you. Try to get into a good feeling state. Do something that makes you happy. Once you get into the place of “it’s okay” then other things can come into play. When we beat ourselves up, we block the goodness from coming to us.

Don’t focus on “what appears.” “What is” isn’t nearly as important as “what could be.” This shift will allow good things to start flowing.

E-Squared is an International bestseller and E-Cubed is also doing very well. Is this something you asked for?

On New Year’s Eve 2013, Pam put out an intention for E-Squared to be an international bestseller. And today, it is.

Where can listeners learn more about you and your books?

Pam’s website is Pam Grout.com

Her books are available in most bookstores.