#034: The Spiritual Side to Freelance Success (Pt. 2) – A Talk With Pete Savage from ExpandYourself.com

NOTE: This is part 2 of a two-part episode on the spiritual aspects of freelance success. If you haven’t yet listened to part 1, make sure to do that first.

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To listen to part one of this conversation please go to Episode #033.

Question #4: Am I letting my outer circumstances, and not my vision, influence my thoughts and feelings on the subject?

If you don’t have a strong vision of the outcome you want, you’ll always be in reaction mode. If you have a vision, it will guide you in your thoughts and actions.

Example: Joseph Murphy, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

Question #5: Have you considered that your desired outcome NOT happening is just one probability?

Example: Gregg Braden’s video showing a tumor dissolving in real time. The practitioners hold in their minds the image of the patient in a healthy body. They’re not focused on the problem. They see the tumor as just one probability in a field or probabilities. They’re drawing in the manifestation of the healthy body from somewhere else.

There are things in the world that we just don’t understand yet. Popular opinions are often proved wrong with time.

Question #6: Am I conflicted in my thoughts about this?  Do I really expect this to happen or am I just going through the motions?

Pete uses The Option Method by Bruce Di Marseco to uncover underlying beliefs and attitudes.

The method consists of a series of questions:

Q1: What are you unhappy/scared/etc. about?

Q2: Why are you unhappy/scared/etc. about this issue?

Q3: What do you worry would happen if you weren’t unhappy/scared/etc.?

Q4: Do you really believe that?

Q5: If yes, why do you believe that?

Q6: What do you think would happen if you didn’t believe that?

Where possible, change statements into an “equal sign” statement. For example, “Feeling scared will lead to you getting new business” becomes, “Feeling scared = getting new business.”

Question #7: Have you FULLY embraced the idea that there are forces outside that can help you?

Rushing to action is a sign that you think you have to do everything yourself. Before you take action, remember that other forces can help you if you ask.

If you take the time to ask for help first, then the action you take will be easier, more focused and ultimately more effective.

Many of us wait until we’re absolutely exhausted before we ask for help. When we finally do, we feel a sense of peace and relief.

But we shouldn’t have to get to the point of exhaustion before asking for help. We start by asking for help from outside forces and integrate it into everything we do.

Question #8: Have I set my subconscious to work on it?

Science says the conscious mind drives only 5% of our behavior. The subconscious mind drives 95%.

Affirmations are a great way to put your subconscious to work. It’s a way to change your subconscious beliefs. Sometimes people give up on them because they feel weird. But they should feel weird because we’re trying to install a new belief.

What to Say When You Talk to Yourself – Shad Helmstetter

How to put some of these ideas into practice:

  1. Ask yourself what question or example REALLY resonated with you?
  2. Sit quietly and be honest with yourself. Why did it resonate with you?
  3. Write stuff down when think about this. It helps you to externalize the stuff you’ve been carrying around. It helps you look at things more objectively. Pete encourages people to journal every day.

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