#330: Big Takeaways from The Content Byte Summit, with Jennifer Goforth Gregory

Last month I had the pleasure and honor to keynote The Content Byte Summit in Sydney, Australia, along with my friend and colleague Jennifer Goforth Gregory.

The conference was top-notch. And by the end of the first day of the two-day event, Jennifer and I knew we had to record a joint episode of this podcast to share our biggest takeaways from all the information-packed sessions.

In this episode, Jennifer and I discuss some of the many highlights from the conference. We get into:

  • The importance of defining your ideal client
  • Why charging for your insights and ideas is so critical today
  • New perspectives on AI and its role in our work as writers and marketers
  • Why you must get clear on your business non-negotiables
  • The importance of asking clients and prospects tough questions

And much more!

It was a lot of fun to compare notes with Jennifer and see what resonated most with each of us (hint: we had very little overlap!).

I think you’ll walk away with some useful ideas and perspectives from this conversation. Enjoy!

P.S.  Make sure to check out Jennifer’s blog, The Content Marketing Writer.

And for another set of insights and takeaways from the conference, check out this recent episode from Melanie Padgett Powers.

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