Delegating to Yourself

I delegate way too many tasks and projects.

That might sound odd. After all, isn’t delegating a good thing?

Yes, it is. But it also depends on what you’re delegating . . . and to whom.

The problem is that I delegate way too much to myself. More specifically, I delegate a ridiculous amount of work to “Future Ed.”

See if this sounds familiar:

I think of a good idea . . . or I take an item from my to-do list that I didn’t get done today . . . and I delegate it to Future Ed.

“Present Ed” (that’s me, today) doesn’t have the time or capacity to execute on that idea or task. But he’s confident Future Ed can do it because Future Ed can do anything. He’s amazing!

Unfortunately, Future Ed will have to pay the piper at some point. Maybe tomorrow, next week, or next month. I don’t know when, but you always have to pay.

At that point, he’ll no longer be Future Ed. He’ll be Present Ed. And all those delegated tasks will land on him.

He’ll eventually be so overwhelmed. . . he’ll punt those tasks to his Future Ed.

And the cycle continues.

Sound familiar? Do you delegate tasks to your future self, believing that things will be different tomorrow, next week or next month?

This has nothing to do with your ability to get things done. It has everything to do with not being more discerning about what you delegate to your future self.

We need to train ourselves to be more discerning, gentler and more considerate of our future selves.

Because after all, you wouldn’t burden anyone else with unreasonable expectations of what they can get done.

So why is it okay to do it to yourself?



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