Do You Need to Become a Conversion Copywriter?

Not long ago, one of my coaching clients came across a LinkedIn post that blew a hole in her confidence.

The post was from a copywriter with a PhD in her subject area. He was promising to “increase sales conversions by XYZ” among other things.

This post caused my coaching client to question herself.

Is this what clients really want — a writer or copywriter who can deliver very tangible sales results quickly? Is this what she needs to do to get ahead in her business?

I should mention that this coaching client is no slouch. She’s an expert in her field with excellent experience and relevant education.

But at the same time, she doesn’t know much about funnels, conversions, sales and targeting.

Does she need to know all that stuff to take her business to the next level?

Does she really need to become a hardcore conversion copywriter?

The short answer is “no.”

Don’t Chase After Others

But first, let me start with a note of caution.

When you see people doing things differently from you, it’s human nature to question yourself.

It raises doubts.

But chasing after others is a recipe for unhappiness.

Instead, pause, take a breath and consider what the person is doing more carefully.

Does it fit with your goals? Would it make sense to adopt some aspects of what they’re doing? Is there something here you can learn?

If so, great!

But it’s also okay if there’s nothing there for you.

Because they may be doing things differently from you. Yet that doesn’t mean they’re doing things better.

Don’t Compare Apples to Oranges

Back to the “increase sales conversions” post that had my client questioning herself.

When we talk about content marketing and conversion copywriting, we’re talking about two different things.

Think of it this way: In order for a sale to be made, you have to get clients from 0% (i.e. the prospect has no awareness of the problem) to 100% (i.e. the prospect has decided to purchase your product or service).

The job of content marketing is to get people to, say, the 80% mark.

Your content should help to educate, inform and persuade prospects. You’re setting the stage for a conversion.

Once prospects are at somewhere around the 80% mark, it’s the job of the sales team (and their conversion copywriters) to take over and get people to the finish line.

The guy who caused my coaching client to question herself is operating in that next phase of the process — the 80%-plus level. And yes, that level can require a different skill set.

But the good news is you don’t have to go there if you don’t want to.

You might be perfectly happy to continue to work in the “educate, inform and persuade” sub-80% arena. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

Take Your Business to the Next Level

I hope I’ve convinced you that you don’t need to become a conversion copywriter to take your business to the next level.

Instead, you can elevate your business as a content marketer by helping your clients with content strategy and planning, not just execution (writing).

Start to understand their business goals. Look at their marketing objectives. Develop strategies and plans to create content that will support those goals.

Strategy and planning are your best opportunity to become “more than a writer” to your clients.

And you won’t have to talk sales funnels or conversions to do it.

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