You Get to Make the Rules

One of the great things about being a freelance professional is that we get to make our own rules. Wcan design the kind of business we want. 

But unfortunately, most of us dont do it. We follow the crowd.  

We see how other people do it, and we follow the same path without even thinking about it. 

We can, however, take inspiration from businesses in other industries and see how they’re making and breaking their own rules.  

Thomas Keller Restaurants 

Recently, I read an article about Thomas Keller’s restaurants. 

You may already know of KellerHis Napa Valley gem, The French Laundry, is notoriously difficult to get into. You have to book months in advance.  

More recently, his restaurants started requiring diners to prepay for their meals at the time of reservation.  

This is no jokeas you can easily pay $1K for dinner for two.  

You have no idea what the chef will make that night. Maybe the feature will be duck, and you don’t like duck. But it doesn’t matter. You still have to pay in advance.  

Sounds daring, right? 

But guess what? There’s been no drop in demand. His The restaurants are busier than ever.  

Keller figured out that he could make his own rules. And so, he’s doing just that 

And now other high-end restaurants are adopting this model of pre-paying for meals at the time of booking.  

Make Your Own Rules 

You can also make your own rules.  

You might decide that: 

  • You’ll insist on doing a separate messaging engagement with a client before taking on any web copy refresh project.  
  • You won’t write a white paper without a separate white paper plan engagement first 
  • Your payment terms are net 15 days. 
  • Client calls must be scheduled in advance. 
  • You’re not available for rush work. 
  • You won’t start on projects with new clients without a deposit.  

These are just examples, not necessarily recommendations. Your specific rules need to make sense for YOU. 

Look, not everyone will be okay with your rules. But you’d be surprised at how many clients and prospects will be just fine.  

So, get clear on your standards. And insist on those standards with every client.  

Because you won’t be happy with a business that just follows the crowd. 



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