Which Prospects Should You Target?

So you’re looking for prospects in your target market. And you come across one that looks promising.

But when you dig deeper, you find that they’re already doing a pretty good job with their marketing. It looks like they have things under control.

If you’re like many writers and copywriters, you’ll think, “Ah well, they don’t need my help.” So you move on to look for other prospects. And you continue to look until you find a prospect that clearly does need some assistance.

Maybe they haven’t published to their blog in the past 12 months. Or their sales pages are poorly written. Or they have no attraction marketing strategy.

But in many cases, that’s NOT what you should do!

In fact, you WANT to go after prospects who’re ALREADY doing a decent job of marketing themselves!

Who Buys Watches?

Think of it this way: Say you’re a jeweler and you sell watches.

Should you target people who don’t own a watch? Or would it be better to go target people who already own one or more watches?

Believe it or not, you’re better off going after people who already have a watch.


Because people who own a watch already “get” the value of having a watch. They love watches. You don’t have to convince them.

And often, people who own a watch will own more than one. They’ll have different watches for different occasions and different outfits. And they’re much more likely to buy yet another watch for their collection.

But if you target people who don’t even own a watch, you have steeper hill to climb.

Not only do you have to persuade them to buy YOUR watch—you must persuade them that they need a watch, period.

Go After Prospects Who Already “Get” the Value

So, when you’re marketing your writing services, go after prospects who are already marketing themselves well.

Because that tells you that they “get” the value of what you’re selling.

You won’t have to convince them that having well-written marketing materials is important. They already know that.

You just have to show them that you’re a great option for creating those materials—and see if they’re interested.

That, my friend, is a much, much easier task.


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