The Magic Quartile: A Thinking Tool to Help You Increase Your Fees (and Do Other Scary Things!)

We have to make lots of decisions as business owners. And a lot of those decisions are scary.

We have to decide whether to propose something new to a client. Or whether we should let a client go. Or whether we should offer a new kind of service. Or adjust our target market.

The list goes on and on!

But perhaps the scariest decisions we have to make relate to pricing.

If we price too low, we’ll limit our success and feel resentful. If we price too high, we risk losing the opportunity.

So how should we approach these decisions?

The Magic Quartile

It’s helpful to look at any kind of scary decision as a spectrum.

The spectrum ranges from “no brainer” (i.e. the decision feels comfortable) to “massive panic” (i.e. the decision feels very uncomfortable).

In most cases, your best decision lies somewhere between those two extremes.

So let’s use pricing as an example.

Pretend you need to quote a project. Your “no-brainer” quote is $2,000 (for example). You feel 99.9% comfortable with that price. You’ve quoted it many times before for this kind of project with no issues.

Your “panic” quote is $6,000 (for example). That price feels very uncomfortable. What would the prospect even say? Would they think you’re crazy?

The middle point between those two extremes is $4,000:

Many people would advise you to quote $4K. After all, it’s the halfway point between your two extremes, so that sounds logical.

But I suggest you think about this a bit more. After all, you want to use this as an opportunity to grow your success. And that means stepping outside your comfort zone.

Look at every pricing quote as an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone.

The $2K to $4K range is your comfort zone.

The $4K to $8K range is your discomfort zone.

The space between $4K and $5K is what I call the “magic quartile.”

So instead of quoting $4K, you quote somewhere in the magic quartile. Maybe you quote $4,500. Or maybe $4200 more conservatively.

Create a New Normal

Quoting just a little bit higher in this kind of situation and will take some courage.

But it’s an important strategy because it helps you incrementally increase your fees over time.

Each time you quote that magic quartile rate and land the project, you start to create a new normal

Everything shifts farther to the right on the scale. What used to send you into a panic is now your new baseline.

Before you know it, you’re in a completely different place with your business.

And that, my friend, is how you make serious progress in your business … one baby step at a time.


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