Our 2017 “Spread the Word” Giveaway: $9,400 Worth of Prizes!

The Results!!

We randomly selected 4 winners. Here they are…

  • One free enrollment to my B2B Biz Launcher training and coaching program ($2,000 real-world value). Winner: RENEE GROSWOLD
  • One free enrollment to The 2X Project training and coaching program ($5,000 real-world value). Winner: DOUG CHOVAN
  • And two one-year Platinum memberships to the Get Better Clients Academy ($2,400 real-world value). Winners: TIM DIXON and SHARON GUTOWSKI.

Here’s What We’re Doing



Step 1: Leave a Quick Review on iTunes
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What’s This About?

I’ve been publishing the High-Income Business Writing podcast for almost 5 years. And one of the most rewarding things about doing this show is the feedback we get every week from listeners (and readers) telling us how much the ideas, stories, tips and strategies have impacted their businesses and their lives.

And that got me thinking…

For every person who listens to the show and gets value from it… there’s got to be at least 10 or 20 other writers who would benefit just as much from the show …

If they only knew it existed!

So, I’m on a mission to give this podcast more visibility. I want it to impact more writers and copywriters. I’d love to get your help with that … and I want to make it worth your while to do so.

Here’s how. I have two high-ticket coaching programs: B2B Business Launcher and The 2X Project. I’m going to give away one enrollment to EACH of these programs for 2018.

I’m also going to give away two Platinum-level memberships to my Get Better Clients Academy for a full year.

That’s $9,400 worth of prizes!
Ed Gandia is giving away $9,400 worth of coaching! Entering the giveaway is super easy. Check it out: https://b2blauncher.com/giveaway

Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

1) Give my podcast a review in iTunes between now and December 27, 2017.

2) Fill out the form above to let us know you left a review.

That’s it!

We’re going to randomly choose 4 winners on December 28th and announce them that afternoon.

If you’ve left an iTunes review for my show in the past … you’re all set. But please let us know you did that by entering your information in the form above. That will enter you in the giveaway. (It’s the only way we can match your iTunes review with your name and email.)

But if you haven’t written a review, make sure to do so by midnight Eastern Time on Wednesday, December 27th.

And if you’ve never left an iTunes review, watch the one-minute video above. Crystal walks you through how to do that. It’s very easy.

I hope you’re one of our lucky winners! And if you’re already a graduate of one of these programs, you can give your prize to a friend … or we’ll work with you to trade it in for another program or membership.

Good luck, and thanks for helping me out!