#191: Want to Scale Your Business? Start with a Virtual Assistant!

Many writers reach a point in their business where they max out their work capacity. And as a result, they start looking for ways to scale their operation.

Many of them will decide to hire another writer. This approach makes sense for many. But for others, it’s not the best place to start.

Often, a better first step is to hire a virtual assistant.

In this episode, I explain why hiring a VA is a safer choice. And what you can do to help make it a success.

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Virtual assistants (VAs) can provide much more than administrative support. Many can also help with client support, website maintenance, blogs, newsletters, webinars, events, and bookkeeping. Some can even help you deliver some of your productized services.

Why start with a VA? Mainly because it’s a safer bet.

Often, hiring a VA is a safer first step than hiring another writer.

Also, freeing up more of your work capacity is valuable. It’s also great testing ground for when you DO decide to look for a writer.

So what kind of tasks can you outsource to a VA? Any process that’s repeatable — and that you can document — is a good candidate.

A few tips (which are directly from Crystal Coleman, my VP of Operations. Crystal has worked as a VA herself and has experience hiring and managing VAs):

  • While you may have a long list of tasks for your new virtual assistant, start with only two or three. Don’t go crazy!
  • Keep in mind you might not find one assistant who can meet all your needs. Prioritize your tasks and then, in time, add more members to your team as needed.
  • Don’t commit to a retainer until you’ve worked with your new virtual assistant for at least 30 days.

Bottom line: Don’t assume that the best way to scale up is to hire a writer. Consider bringing in a VA first. It’s a safer way to start down this path…and you’ll free up more of your time faster.

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