Ever wish you had a behind-the-scenes partner on your side?

A supportive mentor. A trusted advisor.

Someone who’s been where you are today and could give you ongoing insights, guidance and direction for:

  • Getting better clients …
  • Earning more in less time …
  • Bringing more freedom and joy into your business?

If so, you’re in the right place.

As a business-building coach, I work with B2B/commercial writers and copywriters who are great at what they do … yet they feel stuck.

Maybe you just know that you’re not achieving your true potential. Or you want to accelerate your progress a big way. Or you want to fast-track your writing business launch.

Coaching Options

There are a couple of ways we could work together:

If you haven’t yet launched your commercial writing business — or if you’re recently launched but aren’t happy with the results — I occasionally offer a curriculum-based, small-group coaching program called B2B Biz Launcher. Learn more >>
If you’re an established B2B/commercial writer or copywriter, I offer private, one-on-one coaching options. This is a more customized program where we work together on your specific challenge, create an action plan and execute on that plan. Learn more >>