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Thanks for checking out my podcast! My name is Ed Gandia, and I’m a freelance business writer and copywriter.

I wasn’t born a writer. I didn’t go to journalism school or get a ton of formal training. I was just a regular guy who sold software for a living. My biggest challenge: my employer couldn’t provide me with the sales and marketing materials I needed to do my job.

So I wrote my own.

My stuff worked. It helped me win more sales and boost my income. And it wasn’t long before I realized I could do this for a living.

The timing was perfect. I was tired of the corporate grind. I didn’t want to keep clawing my way up. And after chasing ever-rising sales quotas for 11 years  … well, let’s just say that I was DONE with the carrot-and-stick sales compensation model.

So in 2004 I decided to build my writing business on the side. I worked nights and weekends to see if I could make a go of it. Two years later I quit my day job to freelance full time. I’ve never looked back.

Along the way I co-wrote The Wealthy Freelancer with Steve Slaunwhite and Pete Savage, where we distilled the 12 secrets of successful freelancers in all professions. The book was named a Top-10 Small Biz Book by Small Business Trends. It also became a top-50 bestseller in Amazon.com (and a top-10 in the Entrepreneurship category).

Today I’m blessed to have a fun and rewarding business that enables me to write for clients I love. I also spend a big part of my week coaching and teaching other freelancers how to earn more.

It’s the kind of business where Mondays are a real joy. (Yes, I actually look forward to Mondays!) 😉

No More Starving Writer!

I’ve never been a believer in the “starving writer” mindset. Good writers will always be in demand. They’ll always command high fees … IF they know how to position themselves correctly … and IF they know where to find high-paying clients (and how to approach them).

 That’s where I can help you. I’ve spent the last 10 years bringing in ideas and strategies from other industries and professions into the world of commercial writing. I know where to find the good clients and lucrative projects. I can show you how to land these opportunities faster and more easily.

 I’ve created practical, “doable” systems and methods that get results. I’ve taught these methods to hundreds of freelancers. They’ve used them to land more and higher-paying clients … and to earn more in less time.

What You’ll Get Out of This Podcast

I’ll share these ideas with you in this podcast. I’ll also show you what’s working for other business writers by bringing you real case studies from the field. And I’ll share all this information in an honest and transparent way — with no hype or fluff.

My goal: to help you build a six-figure writing business (or the part-time equivalent of that).

Having said that, let me be very clear about something: You will NOT find any get-rich-quick material here. Earning a great living as a business writer is mostly about smart strategy. But it also requires a TON of hard work.

I’m talking about up-at-dawn, fear-inducing, get-out-of-your-comfort-zone type of work.

It will challenge you like few other things have. It will cause pain and frustration. It will sometimes make you cry — the kind of crying that calls for chocolate (the expensive, dark kind).

But the rewards are worth it. Oh, yes, they are!

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