Case Study:

B2B Biz Launcher 2.0 helps mid-career professional, Steve Brockwell, launch a successful B2B writing business

Steve Brockwell

“I just don't want to go back to that kind
of corporate life. But I had no idea
how to pull this off.”

After leaving the insurance industry through downsizing in 2008, Steve Brockwell knew that he had to find a different career path.

He had an impressive background, including executive and marketing roles in the insurance, nonprofit and healthcare industries, as well as some magazine journalism experience. So when he learned about the opportunity in B2B copywriting, he was immediately drawn to it.

Soon, however, Steve came to the conclusion that he needed more than copywriting courses and advice. He needed a mentor to guide him through the process of getting his business off the ground and landing clients.

“I had no idea how to pull this off,” he says. “I needed sort of a mentor kind of relationship, and that's what I was looking for.”

Steve enrolled in the B2B Biz Launcher 2.0 training and coaching program. And within a few weeks of implementing the material, he landed his first client. Shortly after, he landed a second client.

It’s been only a few months since he graduated from the program. But Steve already has great momentum in his copywriting business.

Regarding his experience in the program, Steve commented, “Everything that was promised was delivered and more. It's very, no hype, very solid advice. Just huge and very pointedly useful resources. [Ed is] willing to give more than sometimes maybe [he] should.”

Read or hear Steve’s story below. And see how B2B Biz Launcher 2.0 is enabling him to build a freelance business on his own terms.

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