Case Study:

Daniela Llanos builds her B2B copywriting business faster and with greater confidence thanks to the B2B Biz Launcher 2.0 coaching program

Daniela Llanos

“The first [result] is that I got a paid client. And I have a clear sense of direction, which I didn't have before.”

Freelance copywriter Daniela Llanos knows the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) industry well. She’s a mechanical engineer with 10 years’ experience. And she’s confident about her engineering knowledge.

But when she decided to launch her B2B copywriting business, she quickly realized that this venture was going involve a different kind of challenge.

“I had a company name registered, I had a website, I had spoken to a few people,” she says. “But I hadn't gotten a paid client or an unpaid client for that matter. I was still buying as many programs as I [could] and not getting anywhere with basically most of them. And just sort of feeling no sense of direction.”

That’s when she began seeking a mentor to guide her through this process.

As a junior engineer, Daniela had benefited greatly when she worked under the guidance of a more experienced engineer. And she recognized that this endeavor would require the same kind of professional support.

Daniela enrolled in the B2B Biz Launcher 2.0 coaching and training program. Within a few weeks, she landed her first paid client—a critical milestone that propelled her forward.

Listen to Daniela’s story below. And see how B2B Biz Launcher 2.0 finally gave her the guidance, direction and confidence she needed to finally get her business off the ground.

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