Case Study:

New Freelance Writer Lands Four Clients and Plenty of Repeat Business After Implementing the Ideas and Strategies in B2B Biz Launcher

Adria Schmedthorst and I worked together late last year in my B2B Biz Launcher coaching and training program.

We focused on positioning strategically in the medical and chiropractic space (she used to be a chiropractor). We also worked on developing and implementing a repeatable prospecting approach she could deploy on a daily basis.

It took some tweaking. Lots of action and persistence on her part. But it paid off — big time.

Last time I talked with her she had four clients. Plenty of interesting assignments. Lots of repeat business. An impressive number of referrals from happy clients. And some serious momentum as she wraps up her first year in business.

Listen to Adria talk about exactly what she's done to finally get her business off the ground ... and to gain the momentum she's always wanted.

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